The Dill Kids Had Another Amazing Show!

Hello Dill Friends! The Dill Kids Live had an awesome show and we hope you continue to support us as we travel to spread a little dill inspiration!

Dill Adventures With Pookie! She Loves Visiting SAG & AFTRA

Pookie loves visiting SAG & AFTRA! They keep the food coming on her table & the gas in her dill mobile moving! A Dill Shout out to SAG!

Pookie brings in the New Year With Bright Lights!

Pookie was bringing in the New Year with bright lights and great fun! Check her out at the Mission of Lights! #pookie#Missionoflights#kids#learning#kidsbooks

Pookie visits the reindeer on her 2017 adventure!

Yep Dill Kids! Pookie made a magical stop to visit reindeer now that they have delivered all their toys to the little boys and girls! These two may be named dasher and dancer! woohoo!

Dill Kids Live @ Monrovia Street Fair!

Come join in and see two spectacular dill shows filled with music, dancing, give-aways, and more! 

The Dill Kids Live Are Keeping it Goin'

The Dill Kids Live are on their tour and boy are they bringing the Pookie Power! Don't Miss this awesome inspiration magic! Visit for upcoming shows

Dill Kids Live @ Knott's Berry Farm!

The Dill Kids Live were on inspirational FIRE @ Knott's Berry Farm! There is nothing like spreading a Little Dill Magic everywhere!

Dill Kids Live On Tour! Pookie Meets A Little Leah!

A Dill Shout out to Little Leah in the beautiful bright green Selfie! You are definitely one of Pookie's favorites!

Dill Kids @ Monrovia Street Festival!

Pookie Power was in the air big time at the Monrovia Family Festival! The Dill Kids Live were the entertainment for the night and the audience enjoyed 3 full hours of Pookie Magic, inspiration, dancing, and much more! What a Dill Party!


Dill Kids Live have a new performance home!

Woohoo! The Dill Kids Live have a new performance home! They will now be performing Friday nights at Monrovia Street Festival! Myrtle Street in Monrovia California

Dill Purple Geniuses Media

Dill Purple Geniuses! Here to make life better for parents and kids!

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Dill Kid Live @ Zimmer Children's Museum

The Dill Kids Live On Tour will be at Zimmer Children's Museum June 5th 2016!

Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles California. Woohoo!

Dill Kids Live @ Monrovia Street Fair!

The Dill Kids Live on Tour had an awesome time at the Monrovia Street Fair! Keep Following us for our Next Shows! 

We love our little Pookie Fans! Pookie Power big time! Your kids can be a dill genius too!

We love our Pookie Fans and how they are sporting the Pookie Power apparel embracing the inspired kid learner! The best part is that we do not even have to entice them to wear it! Great Job! 

Woohoo! The Dill Purple Geniuses Have Booked Another Radio Show!

December 19th the Dill Purple Geniuses and Jennifer Hopson on Donny d's Blog Talk Radio!

Don't Miss Out On Our Purple Friday Sale!

It's Black Friday or maybe we should call it Purple Friday for us Dill Friends! Enjoy we have lots more deals coming your way!

A Pookie Thanksgiving Kickoff! We had Fun Kids!

Pookie had a great time visiting with the kids! Dill Creative Thanksgiving Idea! Kids created amazing turkey art and then had a great turkey parade dressed as pilgrims and indians! A great way to teach about the first thanksgiving and the Mayflower! 

Visit our Store for the Holidays!

Buy One Get On Free! Click on our store and simply order Pookie and the Lost Shoe and you will receive a FREE Kamasing Cd automatically! 

Our Books and Cookies Show Was Dill Amazing!

Dill Allert! Next Stop .. Knotts Berry Farm!


What an awesome show and the Dill Kids Live On Tour would like to thank you our Dill Amazing friends/fans who support us and showed up to the Books and Cookies event! Kids were all over the place to enjoy the show. Please remember to share with your family and friends about the Dill Purple Geniuses, so we can continue to inspire and educate kids globally! A huge Dill Thank you to Chudney Ross and Books and Cookies! dillkidslive.comand ‪#‎kids‬ 

A Dill Thank You To Chudney Ross @ Books and Cookies!

A dill Thank you to Chudney Ross for allowing the Dill Purple Geniuses to spread a little Pookie Magic at Books and Cookies! 




Come Meet Pookie @ Books and Cookies!

Come meet Pookie @ Books and Cookies November 7th @ 10 am in Santa Monica California.! Visit The Online Magazine and Events Site Red Tricycle!

We Love It when Teacher's are using Pookie in the Classroom!

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Check out how one Teacher uses the Pookie Doll to motivate her students to learn. One child a day gets to work with Pookie, because remember..."Pookie Makes You Smarter!" Now that is Dill Awesome! 

Books And Cookies! That's Where the Dill Kids Live On Tour Will Be November 7th!

Come Join us at Books and Cookies in Santa Monica California in the morning! Pookie will be there with The Dill Kids Live on Tour and it's going to be Awesome! We can't wait! Books and Cookies is owned by Superstar Diana Ross's Daughter Chudney Ross! Now isn't that an honor and Chudney is super humble and awesome too with her very own children's book! Woohoo! Pookie is going to be able to touch even more lives! 

Books and Cookies  - 2309 Main St, Santa Monica, CA 90405

Author and Motivational Speaker Jennifer Hopson on the Radio Again! Yipee!

We love it when Pookie is on the radio! Author Jennifer Hopson Spent the day promoting and sharing with the world about Pookie on Urban Soul Radio! 

Coming Soon!! Pookie's Playhouse Storytime!

We are excited to announce our new television show Pookie's Playhouse Story-time! A place where kids can come to be inspired, learn, read, and have lots of fun with Pookie and the dill kids! It is going to be an awesome adventure! Watch for our commercials on Disney, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, and more shortly! 

Kids Inspiration that Rocks! Help Sponsor or Support The Dill Purple Geniuses!

Woohoo! our Pookie storybook character has her own song and kids love it! We love doing the Pookie Slide with kids after we sing, learn, and dance. Support kids EVERYWHERE with us and follow the Kamasing Kids Project (A Kid Who is Amazing is Kamasing!) on Pandora.  The more you like us on Pandora, the more we rotate! Thank you for your awesome  support!

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Meet The Author and Get your Book Signed August 1st!

Visit Leimert Park Book Festival to see the Dill Kids Live on Tour at 11:10 am and meet Author Jennifer Hopson for a signed copy of the new book Sticky Wicky Starfish! It's going to be DILL AWESOME!

Limited Time! Support and Purchase Sticky Wicky Starfish at its discounted price!

Sticky Wicky Starfish now available at a promotional price for a limited time $6.99! Higher education and inspiration at its funnest! Share with your friends and come support! A portion of the money goes back to the kids! Click below at our store to sponsor or  support us!

Dill Kids Live On Tour @ Duarte Library!

The Dill Kids had an awesome show and visit at the Duarte Library! Follow us as we head to the Leimert Book festival next!

New Little Dill Readers Available For Ordering!

Check out our awesome new small readers - Little Dill Reader which is great for reading and grammar! The Dill Purple Geniuses can now bring life to any child's learning experience with these amazing literacy books.

Jennifer Hopson Interview Headliner for Keylight Forum!

Read the awesome Keylight Forum interview on our very own author Jennifer Hopson who is making inspirational waves in the media! Support The Dill Purple Project by buying a book/product and sharing it with a child!


Meet the Author and The Dill Kids Live @ Leimert Park

Dill Kids Live on Tour August 1st, 2015 @Leimert Park Book Fair & come to meet the author!

Dill Kids Live On Tour @ Duarte Library July 14th 2015

Come see the Dill Kids Live On Tour @ Duarte Library July 14th, 2015! Also click on Teachers and Parents to follow our next upcoming shows!

Dill Kids @ Children's Literary Festival!

The Dill Kids had much dill fun at the Los Angeles Children's Festival!

Pookie @ Vision Theater!

Pookie had a dill awesome time visiting Vision Theater in Los Angeles California!

Meet Author and The Dill Purple Geniuses @ The 1st Annual Children's Literary Festival!

Come enjoy great dill fun with the Dill Purple Geniuses in Los Angeles California!


New Worksheets and Freebies on our Website and TPT Store!

Follow us on our new Teacher Pay Teachers store

We have lots of new worksheets and more to come! You can also follow us on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, and of course, Facebook!

Pookie had a blast at the Pan African Film Festival!

Pookie had a dill awesome time meeting the amazing artist Nwachukwu Ike for the Annual Pan African Film Festival In Los Angeles during Black History Month! It was Dill Awesome!

Sticky Wicky Starfish! Order your copy today!

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Woohoo! Pookie's New Cooking up Sight Words With Pookie App is here! 2015 is going to bring a series of learning, storybook, and regular game apps with the Dill Purple Geniuses Characters. A rising favorite among kids! We can't wait. Enjoy the new app and visit to purchase for only $1.99 .  

Our books have great value! Kids learn what they need to learn while enjoying a great adventure with the Dill Purple Geniuses!

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Dill Music Promo!

Listen to your copy of Kamasing today! Awesome learning songs for kids! ... and oh, don't forget to follow us for more pop releases in grammar and math! visit or iTunes!

A Dill Shout Out to our Dill Musician Kurt Szul!

Pookie and the Dill Team would like to take a moment to give a Dill Shout out to Kurt Szul. Our storytime during our Dill Kids Live Tour shows are much more engaging, thanks to guitarist Kurt Szul creating the dill awesome backgroud music for the Pookie and the Lost Shoe Story Time readings! Bring your family to our next show to be part of the dill fun and excitement! Follow us on our website and other Social Media outlets.

Dill Kamasing Alert! Our Pop Learning Songs are Playing on Pandora Radio! Tune in and share with a friend!

Dill Alert! Kamasing - A kid who is amazing is Kamasing is playing on Pandora Radio! Share with your friends and family to help to get the Dill Purple Geniuses word out! We make learning fun for kids with our pop learning songs that are catchy and ... being used by teachers, kids, and parents, right this very minute in various countries around the world! Now that is Dill Awesome and we greatly appreciate that our goal to become a company that carries the amazing purpose to help others is in full motion, because of the support of YOU - our dill fans! Thank you! 


Dill Awesome News! Dill Purple Geniuses CEO Jennifer Hopson Featured on Mogul Mom!

Dill Alert! 

Dill Purple Geniuses CEO Jennifer Hopson is featured in Mogul Mom as Awesome Entrepreneur along with her article - 10 DIY Tips To Starting Your Own Business NOW! 

Now that is Dill Awesome! We love our Dill Team Successes and the support of our Dill Fans!

Dill Purple Geniuses On Urban Soul Radio Today Sept.28th @ 3:30 to 5:30 ~ Listen live at

Woohoo! Listen to Dill Purple Geniuses Author Jennifer Hopson on Urban Soul Radio/Fm Sunday September 28th, 2014 @3:30 to 5:30 ~ It's going to be Dill Awesome!

Woohoo! We are now on Teachers Pay Teachers! Download your Freebie!!

The Dill Purple Geniuses Products are now on Teachers pay Teachers! Enjoy your free downloads!

Follow the Dill Kids Live on Tour!

The Dill Kids Live on Tour is ROCKIN! Follow the Dill Kids Live on our website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to see where they will be performing next! A great fun filled show for families. Inspiration, interactive activities, dancing, give-aways,  singing, storytelling, and a visit from Pookie herself! Bring the entire family to sit back and enjoy!



Dill Kids @ Duarte Library

The Dill Kids Live had an awesome performance at Duarte Libary.  Follow the Dill Kids Live at more upcoming library events . Inspirational fun for kids and adults.

Dill Awesome Kids at Great Home School Conventions!

We met Dill Awesome kids at Great Home School Conventions! Check out our kids gallery to see more pictures. Simply click on ...Dill Kid Fans and Just Plain Funny Stuff!

A Dill Shout Out to Q! Fashion Designer helping to Rock out our Dill Shows!

A DILL SHOUT OUT to high fashion and costume designer "Q"! She is doing an amazing job rocking out our upcoming live dill kid shows! Oh, and she also does great theater productions and full b-day parties. You can even add a cartoon or Disney character mascot to make your party stand out at...

Great Home School Conventions Meet the Dill Purple Geniuses!

We had an awesome time at the Great Home School Conventions! You rock home-school world and we are excited that we were able to also share Pookie with you too! We also made some great connections! you can check out more pics on instagram, Facebook, and our kids gallery! A Dill Shout out to Ebony one of our new home school dill supporters!

New Dill Purple Geniuses Series of Kids Apps Are Launching Soon!

Dill Alert! It is coming and coming fast! The new Dill Purple Geniuses Series of Kids Apps! Learning, games, storybook apps, music, and more! Tell your friends and family!

The Dill Purple Geniuses Visit CM School Supply!

The Dill Geniuses Kids did an awesome job at CM School Supply! Come and enjoy dill amazing fun for all families at our next event. It keeps getting better and better and dill better!


Spotlight On One Of Our Awesome Dill Geniuses!

Pookie gives a dill shout out to our awesome Dill Genius who put together this amazing Pookie Plush all on her own! Now she is Dill Amazing!!! We absolutely loooovee it!!

The LA Times Festival of Books

The Dill Purple Geniuses had a dill awesome time at the LA Times Festival of books! A Dill Shout Out to Moon, one of our Dill Genius Kids, who did an amazing job with the story-time readings!

Dill Purple Geniuses Website Launch!

Wooohooo! Welcome to the launch of our awesome new website. We have expanded and it’s all because of all of your dill awesome support! Take a moment to explore, watch, listen, download, read, and even play games. You will find that we have been listening to many of your desires and we will continue to listen, because it is all about what YOU enjoy and need for us to support YOU. Stay connected, we will continue to build and add future exciting ideas to the site. It just keeps getting better and better and even dill better! Enjoy Dill Friends!